NM-Tech: three years from the date of foundation

Dear colleagues!
The 7th of May marks three years from the date of foundation of NM-Tech.

During this period of its work, NM-Tech managed to significantly strengthen its own qualified staff and production capacities. The creation of each microelectronic production is an extremely complex multiple-stage process that takes years, during which the enterprise reaches full yield indicators.

The potential of the microelectronics market in Russia and in the world is huge. And in the future, NM-Tech will continue to contribute to the development of the industry and the formation of new effective cooperations, the result of which will be the start of a new production.

The development of the company and the implementation of ambitious plans would not have been possible without the highest professional competence, energy and ambition of the company's employees.

Congratulations to the NM-Tech team and thank you for the fruitful work!
We wish you professional growth, success and prosperity!