NM-Tech employees visited the international exhibition ExpoElectronica

The 24th international exhibition ExpoElectronica was held in Moscow from 12 to 14 April 2022. ExpoElectronica is the largest international exhibition of electronic components, modules and constituent parts in Russia and Eastern Europe in terms of number and most representative composition of exhibitors. The exhibition presents its visitors the full cycle of production chains in the microelectronics. More than 380 enterprises took part in the event, including at least 110 Russian manufacturers, as well as a number of Chinese manufacturers. Nowadays ExpoElectronica is a meeting place for leaders in the electronics industry and an effective platform for the exchange of experience. More than 80 speakers and experts spoke as part of the business program.

At field-specific sessions, representatives of companies in their reports considered the possibilities of state and banking support for projects in the microelectronic industry with the help of subsidies, loans and direct financing, depending on the task being solved. The possibility of adjusting the tax policy of the state to stimulate import substitution in the microelectronic industry was also considered. The general problems of microelectronics are announced and the specific problems of microelectronics production in Russia are noted based on experience.

During the visit to the ExpoElectronica exhibition, NM-Tech employees had dialogues with the participants of the domestic market, including factories - electronics manufacturers and design centers. The possibilities of strengthening further cooperation with Russian companies in a number of areas of core activities were considered.