The NM-Tech employee became the winner of the Zelenograd half marathon

Heavy rain did not prevent Dmitry Antonov, an employee of NM-Tech, from becoming the winner of the Zelenograd half marathon at a distance of 21 kilometers. On July 17, 2022, the head of the quality department Dmitry Antonov ran the marathon route in one hour, 17 minutes and 59 seconds, 6 seconds ahead of the nearest competitor and won first place. At the last stage of the half marathon, heavy rain began, but, according to the winner, spectators and family support helped him a lot in Zelenograd - his parents, wife and children took part in the marathon. Dmitry Antonov also noted that he can improve his result - he has been training since 2004, and he recommends everyone to go in for sports and take an active part in competitions. Dmitry Antonov, who won first place at a distance of 21 kilometers, was not the only participant in the race from NM-Tech.

Zelenograd half marathon was held in two distances - 21 and 10 kilometers. Employees of various divisions of the company ran in a distance of 10 kilometers and showed worthy results. Leading engineer Aleksandr Kerre took 160th place at a ten-kilometer distance. Senior Design Engineer Aleksey Shiryaev and Head of Department Aleksandr Igoshin won 263rd and 321st places, respectively. In total, over 1100 athletes took part in the half marathon.

Today, the company's team includes many employees who lead an active lifestyle. In May of this year, NM-Tech employees successfully performed at the intercorporate sports and athletic contest, taking part in futsal and table tennis tournaments. The company team congratulates its colleagues and wishes them new sports and industrial victories!