Employees of NM-TECH supported the children of the Klinsky Family Center as part of the Tree of Wishes charity event

The NM-TECH company held the Tree of Wishes charity event. As part of the event, each employee could make a voluntary donation to purchase a laptop and household appliances for the children of the Klinsky Family Center. The center replaces the children's home. Here they are trained and master all household skills. Children need a computer to master computer literacy, and household appliances in the form of a food processor and a microwave oven are needed to improve living conditions. Of course, the NM-TECH employees did not stand aside and responded to the request of the wards of the family center, especially since the event started on the eve of the New Year and ended at the end of January.

On January 25, the presentation of gifts took place. Representatives of the company held a small event for children - a master class in face painting and presented gifts in a playful way. Children, in turn, told about their hobbies and interests. The laptop will be useful for them, both in training and in leisure time - now they will be able to watch movies on the big screen. By the way, the programs for study and recreation for the children were carefully installed on the laptop by colleagues from the information technology department of NM-TECH.

“We are very grateful to the employees of the NM-TECH company for the participation and support of children in a difficult life situation - attention, communication and socialization are of great importance for children,” said Olga Aleksandrovna Sharnina, director of the Klinsky Family Center for Helping Families and Children.